Los Angeles, CA - Town Hall

Join CHIRLA and the Los Angeles Federation of Labor for a Town hall bringing together over 400 workers and families to call on President Obama to use executive authority to grant Administrative Relief. We will call on him to make it as broad as possible and to include worker protections, to result in less family separation, and the urgency of action. There’s an opportunity, we need the president to act, here’s the stories of people going through the crisis, and here’s the solutions. Will we define from our community’s point of view what Administrative Relief should be. 

Address: 535 N. Main St., Los Angeles, CA, 90012

For more information, please contact Apolonio Morales at amorales@chirla.org or (213) 308-9977 .

For press contact, please contact Jorge-Mario Cabrera at  jmcabrera@chirla.org or (213) 353-1789.