A Call to Action

National Week of Action: Kicks off September 21

National Week of Action for Broad Administrative Relief 

The nation’s largest immigrant-rights coalition, the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, is holding a national week of action along with allied organizations starting Sunday, September 21. Our groups across the country will build on Latino and immigrant power while decrying the tragic family separation crisis that continues to roil our communities after President Obama sacrificed immigrant families to a short-sighted political miscalculation.

President Obama’s misguided decision to delay administrative relief for immigrant families comes after Congress failed to heed the country’s mandate and pass immigration reform. It means that thousands of children will go through the heartbreak and trauma of losing a parent to our nation’s broken immigration system. That’s not leadership – that’s just plain immoral. 

Across the country, immigrant-rights groups will ramp up their efforts to build power ahead of the elections and raise visibility for our families. Events will vary from voter registration and turnout rallies to protests holding family dividers accountable.

This week of action comes after years of activism where our families have won the public debate, won key elections, and consistently out-organized the opposition. The result is a broader, stronger, more sophisticated immigrant-rights movement that will continue the fight for immigrant justice until children are no longer scared to lose parents. 

Separating immigrant families is immoral. More importantly, our country does not want our communities torn apart. Our families will do what we do best – building power and raising the profile of immigrant families – until we win.


You can help by engaging in the following:

  • Lead an event during the National Week of Action to demand Administrative Relief, justice for children and families, and hold accountable the Democrats and Republicans that have caused a delay on Administrative Relief 
  • Hold phone banks to drive calls to the White House to add to the broad national push for administrative relief
    • RIFA phone line for calls to the White House: (866) 473-5915
  • Recruit local DJ's to help push out this number and these calls to the White House until we win administrative relief