National Call to Action: Families Fight Back July 10th

In solidarity with the Actions at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans 

July 10th the Fifth Circuit will be hearing oral arguments about the injunction in the case of TX vs. USA, the lawsuit that is blocking implementation of administrative relief.This lawsuit is a direct attack on our families and so far, these anti-immigrant Republicans have succeeded in bringing immigration reform efforts to a standstill. It is time to ramp up our efforts and fight back. 

While the litigation drags on (with no end in sight), immigrants continue to live unnecessarily under the threat of deportation. This temporary block of expanded DACA and DAPA continues to cause confusion and fear in our community.  In light of all of this, it is critical that we continue to show the wide support in favor or administrative relief.  We must continue to turn out in Texas and New Orleans to make sure the courts and those who are pushing an anti-immigrant agenda hear the voices of our community and understand that we won’t stand idly by. We must mobilize, and uplift those directly impacted, US citizen and resident children, their parents and siblings who would qualify for DAPA or expanded DACA. 


The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), United We Dream (UWD), the New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice, National Immigration Law Center (NILC), Alliance for Citizenship (A4C), and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) are initiating a National Day to of Action on July 10th in New Orleans.  We urge others across the country to join in solidarity echo actions.  Echo actions are aimed at calling out the 26 Republicans who filed the lawsuit and all anti-immigrants for their hate.  It aims to highlight immigrant families, organizations, allies and supporters who are ready to move forward with expanded DACA and DAPA as the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals listens to oral arguments on the lawsuit. 

On July 10th, the movement will mobilize to: 

  1. Be present inside and outside the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to show the face of those directly impacted by the lawsuit and                                                                                                                                                                                      
  2. Show the wide support across the country to move forward with administrative relief through solidarity actions across the country.

Possible Echo Actions (across the country):

  • Direct actions, strategic confrontations or petition deliveries on Attorney Generals or Governors who filed the lawsuit. 
  • Direct actions, strategic confrontations on other anti-immigrants to make those opposing relief for our families feel the wrath of our communities.
  • Actions to show support of administrative relief such local resolutions in favor of DAPA/DACA, etc.